Belch & Bloat: Decreasing Digestive Pain, Naturally

Digestive health is one of main pillars of health. When it comes to digestion, Chinese Medicine focuses on the Stomach, Spleen (Pancreas), and Liver as the center of health. Our Spleen and Stomach work together to create post-natal qi known as the vital nutrients taken from our food and used to feed our cells via the blood.

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Easing PMS Bloating, Naturally

Is it hard to get those jeans on right before your period? Have you ever woke up and looked at the mirror and wonder, why is my stomach swollen and puffy? Sometimes, PMS bloating is crampin' our style and may even cause some discomfort whether it is in our jean tightness, or cramping.

Bloating is common PMS, Premenstrual Syndrome, symptom that starts anywhere between 1 week to Day 1 of bleeding. In some women, bloating is worst 1-2 days before and on the 1st day of bleeding.

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Thriving Flow: Healthy Period

From PMS to PCOS to Infertility, we learn all about the ways our periods, cycles, and hormones can be wrong, but it seems to be lack of knowledge on what is a healthy period? What does a healthy period look like and feel like?

To empower ourselves as women, we need to understand what is healthy for ourselves. This way if our cycles starts to move towards imbalance, we can nurture ourselves back into our center.

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The Body Speaks: Transforming Physical & Emotional Pain

The body speaks its own language to grasp our attention to its needs. Through the cues of physical and emotional pain, our body speaks its truth. There are subtle messages within our pain. We have been taught to “suck it up and deal with it”, “get over it”, “get past it”, and other unhelpful words of advice. The key to alleviating physical and emotional pain is working through the pain.

Working through the physical and emotional pain does not mean pushing pass our threshold of pain, or enduring the suffering to get to the other side. No, working through the physical and emotional pain requires listening to the body, holding space, being open to its message, and supplying its need.

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Reawakening into Spring: Liver Detoxing

The Liver is an amazing organ serving as the “commanding general of the body” with its many functions support Women’s Health! Today, we will introduce the basic role of the Liver, where it is located, and basic whole food nutrition & herbal medicine can be used to provide optimal support to the Liver’s, natural detoxing ability

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Incontinence: Post-partum & Beyond

Time and time again, I have seen women coming into the clinic with 5, 10, 20, 30 years after giving birth and having Stress Incontinence. For many, this is a normal and silent occurrence as we consider it a trade-off after having children. After having my own son 4-years-ago, I was struggling with balancing the “squeeze-n-sneeze” reflex. This is where you squeeze your pelvic floor muscles so you do not pee yourself from exertion such as sneezing, laughing, bouncing on a trampoline, etc…remember…”kegel exercises?

So, what exactly is Stress Incontinence and how can Chinese Medicine help alleviate it?

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Easing PMS, Naturally

Let us be real: The Premenstrual syndrome, PMS, has become a cultural norm in the Western world. Where monthly cravings for the salty, dark chocolate temporarily counteracts the irritable mood swings and the struggle to button those jeans over the bloated stomach are crampin’ the morning routine. For some, this emotional and physical discomfort brings a dreadful knowing their period is underway. The question is when will the period release the valve of this internal pressure? 

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Endometriosis, Infertility, & Chinese Medicine

Endometriosis is becoming more prevalent, effecting about 5 to 7 million women within the United States.  What exactly is Endometriosis?  Endometriosis occurs when the endometrium tissue lining our uterus is located in abnormal places and cannot be properly released during our menses.  Chinese Medicine can treat infertility caused by Endometriosis, which contributes to 30-40% of infertility in women. 

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Treating Endometriosis with Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine provides natural and non-invasive treatment options for Endometriosis by decreasing pain, balancing hormones, and regulating the period. The focus of the treating Endometriosis is YOU, not your condition. The goal of Chinese Medicine is to help restore and provide a quality of life that you desire without having Endometriosis get in the way.

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Harmonizing the Heart & Kidney for Life's Purpose

When life is in flow, there is health, abundance, and freedom. There is a sense of purpose in this flow as life provides us the right support on our own journey. When it comes to our life’s purpose and meaning, it ebbs-n-flow within clarity. The Kidneys and the Heart play an important role in supporting our sense of purpose in life; while maintaining a flow of balance

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Marrow, Memory, & 'Mama Brain'

Mama brain", "Baby brain", or "having a brain fart", are all common phenomena happening to women, who are pregnant, post-partum, or a couple years after having their last baby.  It is more than forgetting where you left your car keys.  It involves several mental moments of going blank mid-sentence. "Oh, what was I saying....".  "I forgot what we were talking about?".  "It will come back to me in a bit"; which, in most cases it does 2 days later.  "Mama brain" is common knowledge, quite accepted; yet, we sometimes find ourselves apologizing for our "would it be forgetfulness", "lack of focus other than baby", or whichever reason we are saying "sorry" again for our behavior. 

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Easing Panic Attacks, Naturally

Panic Attacks may feel like the world is crushing on your chest, or having a heart attack; but there are ways to ease their intensity, how often they happen, and gain back power in one’s breath.

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5 Ways to Support Kidney & Adrenal Health

In Chinese Medicine, the foundation of health can start from two locations: the gut health, and the kidney/adrenal health.  Both surround the “center” of ourselves creating a synchronistic relationship in maintaining our overall well-being. 

How? Well, we all know about how important gut health plays a role in nutrients to give the building blocks of energy, how it works synergistically with the brain to support mental abilities, and nourish our emotional health.Do we know the weight of importance the Kidneys and adrenal glands play within our bodies?

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Season Of Giving: Season Of Self-care

In the season of giving, many put pressure on themselves to accomplish the to-do-list, ramping up for the commitments and events of the holidays, shopping and volunteering, and more.  In order to give the best version of ourselves, practicing self-care on a daily and weekly basis is the foundation for the well-being of ourselves and our relationships.  The old saying goes: “One cannot give from an empty bucket”.  We must rest, replenish, and nurture ourselves consistently. 

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Aligning with the Feminine Cycle

Similar to the natural ebb-n-flow of life, our menstrual cycle has its own version of shifts and changes.  During this monthly cycle, we have the opportunity to experience a hormonal, emotional, energetic, and creative shifts.

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