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Harmonize Hormones~Ease Anxiety~Calm the Mind~Uplift Depression~Motivate Fatigue~Sooth Digestion~Release Pregnancy discomforts~Nourish & Support Birth & Beyond~Release the grips of trauma & thrive into the Now?


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We can help!

Our mission is to help women transform surviving the effects of physical and emotional pain into thriving.


Women's Medicine

From PMS to Pregnancy to Hot flashes, Chinese Medicine has a proven track record to harmonize, align, support, & cool off the wild life of womanhood-the natural way!

Digestive Health.

Cultivating an optimal life starts with cultivating our internal environment.  Chinese medicine teaches us "Gut Health is Brain Health".  

Ease the anxiety of I.B.S.,  Sooth the irritation of constipation, harmonize the rage of the liver; so the stomach can churn the turmoil of worry into the clarity of knowing.  

Easing Trauma

No matter what has happened. There are ways to transform the grips of trauma into empowerment.

Trauma is not about living in the past. It is about the past dictating the present.

Chinese medicines offers a way to rebuild a new foundation of support through uplifting the exhausted, soothing the memory, strengthening and easing into the NOW.




Chinese Medicine

We combine the sage of wisdom from Chinese medicine with the modern practice of healing.  



One of the tools used in Chinese Medicine. Safe, gentle, effective for many types of conditions.

The use of sterile, solid Acupuncture are placed in specific parts of the body for a desired effect.

Safe for all ages: Children, Adults, Elderly for Internal Medicine & Pain.


Herbal Medicine

Nature provides , gives, & nurtures . Chinese herbal patents & Western Herbal blends are custom made & affordable.

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Transcending pain into relief requires healing on many levels. Reiki is safe, effective, and compliments alongside any treatment plan.


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Aligning with the Feminine Cycle

Similar to the natural ebb-n-flow of life, our menstrual cycle has its own version of shifts and changes.  During this monthly cycle, we have the opportunity to experience a hormonal, emotional, energetic, and creative shifts.


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