Digestive Health

It is imperative to understand: “Gut health is Brain health”! When we learn how to cultivate our internal environment within our gut health; we will have the ability to adapt to the ebb-n-flow of life with balance, ease, and energy.

The ability to absorb the raw materials our bodies need through optimal digestion is crucial to brain health. It has been founded that ninety percent of serotonin is produced in the gut! This crucial ingredient plays a role in the balancing and of maintaining moods.

What does a healthy gut look like? A healthy gut:

  • Has the ability to have at least one, complete bowel movement with ease and is boring brown color.

  • Has the ability to digest a meal without painful gas, or bloating.

  • Has a healthy appetite with a balance in craving healthy foods. Occasional dark chocolate is excellent.

  • Has the ability to provide the absorption of important nutrients needed to maintain energy levels. Any changes in energy levels throughout the day?

  • Has the ability the to stabilize moods, emotions, and maintain clear focus (no brain fog).

  • Has the ability to clear excess hormones through healthy bowel moments.

  • Maintains support & foundation to a healthy immune system. The large intestine plays a major role in the immune system!

We have many tools to our advantage for optimizing our gut health, we just need to utilize and harness our ability to do so!

Through Chinese medicine, we can offer a customize solution to achieve optimal gut health and brain health!